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21st November 2008

marcspectre12:25pm: in-vanity
Several encounters with death. From the wrong angles.  I mean I've seen public suicides.  I've seen public murders as form of  punishments.  I see what the television wants me to see. I am numbed to violence or death.  I have become one who wants to delve deeper beyond the act of dying; i wish to explore the next step in the journey of life.  Where does one go? what does one see?  What is the experience called death?  I am just so curious to know.  I heard there is a suicide video spiraling in cyber space... i'm going to go get and try to post it here. give me a second...
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28th January 2008

fine_clarity12:50am: a death quote
"The death of an individual is a tragedy. The death of an entire family is not." -me

This quote highlights the subjectivity of how much of a tragedy a death is. The dead do not suffer, because their consciousness is no more. However, the people that have closely known the dead usually do suffer, because our human brains are wired to do so. However, if an entire family dies, such that all of the people that would strongly mourn eachother are dead, then no one would suffer.

By the way, this community appears dead (no pun intended). Hopefully I can revive it.

1st March 2005

jblaque4:49pm: Recommended Reading

The Big Book of Death, by Carlton Bronwyn
(ISBN: 1563891662 )

For those interested in the Way of All Flesh, you'll find some extremely informative stories, descriptions and facts about death & dying and death in this book; methods of death & execution, bizarre deaths, cemetaries, necrophelia, last words, suicide and much, much more. Great artwork and an easy-going, fearless tone throughout.

Also recommended: Jessica Mitford's classic, The American Way of Death, a revealing examination of American burial customs corruption, price-fixing, and outright fraud. A real

Jon Blaque
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16th July 2004

draziel12:35pm: Some books that you may enjoy.
CUrrently I am reading the Buried soul, which is an Anthropological study of how our early ancestors reacted to death. A very interesting read, which has a huge insight into the subject matter then as much as now.
Also A book that I have just finished reading is The Savage God, a study of Suicide, again this book covers the history and Psychoanalysis of suicide, very powerful.

Has anyone else read/reading books that are recommended?

13th May 2003

hediedashelived8:19pm: Hey, it's like a community now.
For the 3 or 4 people who might care (if you guys even read your massive friends lists), this community is now open for posting.

Remember the topic: death in a positive light, and post away.

12th July 2002

hediedashelived2:01pm: Still in the works...
I'm still putting the finishing touches on the community, so if you've stumbled upon it, refrain from posting untill everything's finished up.
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