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Several encounters with death. From the wrong angles.  I mean I've seen public suicides.  I've seen public murders as form of  punishments.  I see what the television wants me to see. I am numbed to violence or death.  I have become one who wants to delve deeper beyond the act of dying; i wish to explore the next step in the journey of life.  Where does one go? what does one see?  What is the experience called death?  I am just so curious to know.  I heard there is a suicide video spiraling in cyber space... i'm going to go get and try to post it here. give me a second...
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That wasn't it. the guy took a bunch of xanex and just sat in front of his computer until he kicked the can. but great, stuff. i appreciate that. why isn't this forum more active, might you know? it seems kind of... dead.